Full-time Nanny, Wellesley, MA

A full-time, long-term Nanny is needed for a family new to Wellesley starting July 1. They have two children: a sweet, easy going, and smiley 10 month old and an inquisitive, energetic, and smart 2.75 year old. The schedule is Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, with guaranteed hours weekly. 

A great match for this family is patient, calm, playful, attentive, intuitive, and prioritizes the care and needs of the children above all. Someone who is an independent, self-starter who will proactively plan and engage the children in creative and developmentally-appropriate activities and outings that are centered around their interests and what excites them!

Both parents will be working from home part of the week in private offices. 

Compensation: $30+/hour with 45 guaranteed hours weekly and paid vacations, paid holidays, and paid sick time. All pay is on the books with overtime (time and a half) over 40 hours per week.

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