Full-time Nanny, Hull, MA

Full-time Nanny needed for a 12-month-old in Hull, MA starting November 15.  The schedule will be 9am-5pm and the family would love for the nanny to be with them for 2-3 years.
The Family is located within walking distance to the water, playgrounds, and parks! They would love to find someone who loves the outdoors, taking walks, and providing safe and fun activities for their child.
A great fit for this family is nurturing, engaging, a team player, scheduled, firm but loving, attentive, respects their parenting styles, and knowledgeable and proactive in planning and implementing developmentally appropriate activities.
Must be Flu and Covid vaccinated and Covid cautious. Please also be comfortable with a very friendly large dog and parents who work from home.
Compensation: competitive based on experience and overall fit. Guaranteed hours weekly with paid benefits.

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